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The standard package of our private labels vodka (gin) services is suitable for start-ups and individuals who are new to the industry with no or less experience but with high determination to follow their dream and give a chance. As marketers use to say you will never know how great is one idea and whether it will work unless you try it. In all cases there is nothing you can lose compared to what you can earn at the end of the day. It is always better decision in terms, that you will not ask yourself what could have been, if. 

The whole process is very relaxed and it will not take too much time to complete your private brand of vodka. Depends on your organizational skills it can take up to 2 months. We are well aware that you cannot wait to start working on your project immediately, but please consider the following useful information. Before your dive into the world of alcoholic beverages you shall know that these are excise duty goods and we strongly recommend to contact your local Customs Office with the simple question: “What shall I do to successfully import vodka from country within European Union?”. We are pretty sure that they will be kind enough to inform you in details on how the whole process works and what additional permissions or licenses you may need. This is the right approach before you contact us.

Some useful links if you plan to sell your private labels vodka on the territory of the European Union

1. EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System). Read how the transition of excise goods is done. Simply said from one bonded warehouse to another one. 
2. Excise Duty Rates in EC. Each country has their own rates for alcoholic beverages. We can assist you with the exact calculation of the excise duty for your country. For that purpose let us know the following information: 
1/ bottle packaging size; (i.e. 700ml. or 1L.)
2/ %abv (alcohol by volume) (i.e. 37.5% or 40%); 
3/ your country.

3. To verify whether the bonded warehouse of supplier or receiver are authorized according to EC Laws and Regulations – SEED

Of course, the above given information shall not prevent you to contact your local Customs Office. With above given information we aim to increase your awareness about the industry you are planning to intera

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