Private Label Hand Sanitizer

Private Label Hand Sanitizer

Our dedicated team will develop your private label sanitizers. What you need to do is select the bottle, the size, the aroma, the language and design of your label. You can even be mentioned as the producer of the sanitizer without giving away that this is a private label cleaning product. We will provide you with all the required certificates, such as Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and test protocols for your products.

Our hand and surface sanitizer without washing is produced at 70% denatured ethanol. The denatured ethanol is what actually the ingredient that kills the bacteria and viruses on your hands and surface and cleans them. The cleaning products we manufacture also contain glycerol, purified water, and are available in four different compositions of aroma: lavender, pine, jasmine and pure.

Bottling of Hand Sanitizers

Though we offer any size of bottles which are available on the market, if you wish to have your hand and surface private-label sanitizer produced as fast as possible, we recommend that you select any of the sizes from below:

  • 100ml
  • 1l
  • 5l

Minimum quantity order

The minimum quantity order of a private-label sanitizer is one euro pallet , which in terms of the number of bottles would correspond to:

  • 100ml – 5040 bottles
  • 1l – 750 bottles
  • 5l – 160 bottles

Samples of Hand Sanitizers

The hand and surface sanitizers are highly flammable as they contain at least 70% denatured ethanol, which/ makes the transportation of the samples very difficult if not impossible. We may recommend you to buy a hand and surface cleaning product produced by us in your local market. The content of the sanitizers follows the standard 70% denatured ethanol, glycerine and aroma composition. Any additional ingredients are optional.

Please have a look at our own Hand and Surfaces sanitizer product.


Our cleaning products comply with the mandatory requirements of the EU Laws & Regulations: MSDS according to the regulation 1907/2006/EA (REACH), Regulation 2015/830/EU.

Test Protocols:

№430/ОА-31.03.2020; №431/ОА-31.03.2020; №457/ОА-06.04.2020

All documents are available upon request.


Labels comply with the CLP Regulation. You can design your label, and we will prepare them for you. The labels can be in your local language. The preparation of the labels takes a few hours only, and after client’s approval they can be printed immediately.


Transportation of your private-label disinfectant will take two to three calendar days to any location in the European Union. Taking advantage of our exclusive contracts with transportation firms in Bulgaria, we can ensure best transportation rates.

Aroma composition

Though we offer any aroma compositions which are available on the market, if you wish to have your hand and surfaces private-label sanitizer produced as fast as possible, we recommend that you to select any from the option below:

  • Lavender
  • Pine
  • Pure
  • Jasmine

The composition can also be any aroma of fruit, herbs, trees etc.

If your local market needs sanitizer products, please contact us and our developers will get back to you shortly.

The team of Private Labels Vodka can also assist you to design your own Private Label Vodka.