Private Labels Vodka Packages

Advanced Private Labels Vodka

Let’s grow your business 

The advanced package of our private labels vodka (gin) services is suitable for existing companies and professionals who are looking for better solutions and optimization of their business. The accent is put on finding a reliable manufacturer that is cost effective and will provide quality. 

As you are already well aware how the industry works the process will be even more relaxed. There is no production MOQs to the time all raw materials are supplied into our bonded warehouse. We can work with various types of bottles in terms of specific closures. The filling can be applied for glass bottles with packaging size starting from 50 ml. to 3 L. and above. Labeling can be done on square, right cylindrical or custom glass bottles. Painting and decorating of the packaging is also available.  In terms of vodka quality, distillation can be done up to 7 times. For the specific needs of the project we can source raw materials locally, within EC or from third countries such us Russia and Ukraine. More information can be found here. 

The process in 3 steps

Legalization Process in the country of manufacturer:

  • 550 EUR state fee for your trade mark registration with the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Customs Office;
  • Seal and Sign a contract with us that we are Authorized to produce and bottle your private label vodka/gin for you;
  • Sign a Declaration of Discharge (in cases when your trade mark registration in your country is with pending status);

You existing brand information and process:

  • Provide us with detailed information of your existing vodka brand and specific requirements that you may have and shall be met by our company;
  • Set clear objectives under which your brand will be seen as successfully produced and accepted by your side;
  • Supply us with all raw materials that are needed for the production and bottling of your private brand (if necessary); 
  • Sending final samples for approval;
  • Production and bottling;
  • There are no MOQs for the production of your brand to the time all raw materials are well supplied into our bonded warehouse; 
  • Shipment to any part of the world.

We are almost done

  • Goods will be delivered to the client. Transportation can be organized by us or by the buyer. 
  • Full documentation pack, according to local laws and regulations of the buyer will be sent via DHL;
  • Clearance of the excise goods and distribution shall be done by the buyer;
  • Well done! We have just finish your private labels vodka project successfully! It is time to celebrate!