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Welcome to the world of Private Labels Vodka. The place where we turn dreams into actual reality, by providing them with the competitive edge and opportunity to become very successful star products on their local markets. We are not just talking the talk but also walking the walk – even the extra mile for our clients. We do not only sell products or services, make transactions, but mostly offer attitude and care for our clients’ upcoming success. As we use to say quite often: “Your success is our success and vice versa”, because from the time we start work together we form a team. In that team we will assist you to achieve your bravest objectives and turn your newly created reality into a brighter one. You will have our professional advises that will help you easily make your final decisions.

Do you think that you have read this paragraph by coincidence? It is not necessary to answer that question right now.

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Private Labels Vodka OOD is a Bulgarian company specialized in the creation of Private Labels, with more than 25 years of experience within the Industry. The company is owner of 3 local factories for (1) white spirits, (2) liqueurs and (3) natural fruit extracts. It works only with proven throughout the years reliable raw material suppliers of  pure alcohol, glass bottles, caps, closures, labels, painting & decorating services and boxes, from Bulgaria, within EU and 3rd countries in the face of Russia and Ukraine. The success of the company is also driven by the work force represented by highly skilled, experienced and professional individuals dedicated to the company policy & philosophy who eagerly await and welcome every new Private Label Project.

“There is no life without problems, but there is no problem without solution”.


Private Labels Vodka OOD works with well selected fresh and tasty fruits for its own extracts to underline the remarkable signature of its products’ intensive nature by taste and flavour. Each spirit/ pure alcohol lot passes quality control and it is made from ethyl alcohol from agricultural wheat. The alcohol is distilled and purified by the use of char coal columns and resin filters until it reaches our clients’ preferences. Of course, every receipt of success has its “little secrets” that will prevent any imitations. This is a guarantee for high end quality products which is our company main concern.

“Customer will make its first purchase based on the attractive appeal and look of the product, but will repeat, because of its taste quality”. 


Knowing exactly our strengths, capabilities and flexibility by nature we are quite confident of delivering high end products at lower and attractive prices not risking the value of the brand in customers’ mind i.e. we provide the best value and price/ quality ratio within whole EU. Working with us will automatically provide you with competitive edge and will save you a lot of time, money and efforts. Your main concern will be to find the right partners for the distribution of your Private Labels also including its Marketing and Advertising.

Last but not least, our 24/7 customer service, relaxed communication process and “easy to find us” approach will be your “pain killer” in urgent matters that require our ASAP response. More you communicate with us, more details we receive about your dreams and ideas, better and adequate solutions will be applied and implement for the success of your Private Label.


Private Labels Vodka OOD provides the following spirit beverages for your private label:


–        Plain Vodka (37.5%, 40%)
–        Any flavoured kind of Vodka (Almond, Apple, Banana, Blue Berry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, Wild Berry… even Caviar*) (37.5%, 40%)
–        Any colour of the Vodka (37.5%, 40%) (Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Red …)
–        Gin (37.5%, 40%) – Blue juniper is used
–        Any natural fruit liqueur
–        All production processes follow the Russian school made of alcoholic beverages


–        Economical Brands;
–        Moderate Brands;
–        Premium Brands;
–        Ultra-Premium Brands (unique by its concept).


–        Ordinary/ Regular Distillation;
–        Multiple-Times Distilled (no more than 3 times) – No head ache guaranteed;
–        5 times distilled – Ultimate, crystal purified and clear outcome.

THE SERVICES (3 packages are available):

1. PLV Distributor – Become distributor of our existing brands;
2. Private Labels Vodka Basicbest solution for start-ups [Best Seller];
3. Private Labels Vodka Advanced Switching your existing brand from previous manufacturer.


Additional Services:

Legal Assistance for trade mark registration with Bulgarian Authorities

  1. Patent Office (if not already registered with your local Authorities)
  2. Bulgarian Ministry of Economy
  3. Bulgarian Customs Office
  4. Private Labels Vodka Log Book


We will organize the whole transportation process of the excise goods from our bonded warehouse to any other bonded warehouse within EU under EMCS rules and regulations. This service is also available for counties outside EU.

It is clients’ responsibility to provide the full company details and delivery address of the bonded warehouse. Upon verification and approval of it, we will send you our best transportation offer.

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